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Acheive your mission with ease

Enterprise Solutions

Our team of Subject Matter Experts excels in providing tailored enterprise solutions to address the critical path in achieving your organization's mission. From Communications and Business Processes to Enterprise Resourcing and Human Capital management, we can make clear the path to meeting your objectives by delivering efficient and effective enterprise solutions that align with your goals.


"Time and money are largely interchangeable terms."

Winston Churchill

Communications Planning & Strategy

Get your point across

CWN can help you define and communicate to your audience the message that needs to be shared. Enhance organizational awareness objectives by ensuring the right message is reaching the right people at the right time. We help you develop processes using the appropriate communication channels that make effective communications into crystal clear science.


Business Process Development & Enhancement

Achieve your mission

Take the right actions to clearly achieve the goals that your organization has set for itself. ​Cut through the noise of contemporary toolkits and salesman to implement processes that accommodate your organization's needs and resources.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Understand your resources

ERP solutions are everywhere today, but their effective use is nowhere near as common. CWN can help you by identifying the right ERP processes and tools to align with your organization's needs and budget.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Know your customers

Knowing how best to engage with your customers and maximize value delivery for them is a key point of understanding for any enterprise. We have assisted our clients by extracting the right information to understand their customers using the most effective tools and methods. We are experts in the use and implementation of various CRM tools.


Human Capital Management

Get the most out of your teams

Learn how to integrate your processes and systems so that your management teams and individual contributors are putting forth the best efforts to achieve value instead of being held back by cumbersome HCM and HRIS systems.


Communications Integration & Research

Evaluate your message

Effective communications require feedback and reevaluation. CWN can help you review your existing communications efficacy in the form of concrete data points that will allow you to make data-driven decisions about what and how things should be shared in the future. We integrate these results into existing communications processes for the best possible results.

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Business Systems Development & Engineering

Use the right Tools

CWN excels at identifying existing capabilities to meet the needs of your business system as well as preparing customized systems or system enhancements to provide your organization with exactly the inputs and outputs that your team needs to work. 

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