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Expert Guidance

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is incorporated into every CWN service.  We are committed to ensure that all our solutions provide our customers the privacy, confidentiality, and integrity needed for their business solutions. 

Our experts have a vast understanding of tools that can provide integrated security solutions.  Some of the tools and solutions are experts have leveraged include, Aegis Guardian, Nmap, Wfuzz, Nikto, Webcrack, Metasploit, w3af, Webinspect, Netsparker, Nessus, OpenVas, Fortify, Snort, OWASP,  Suricata and many more.  

"We face cyber threats from state-sponsored hackers, hackers for hire, global cyber syndicates, and terrorists. They seek our state secrets, our trade secrets, our technology, and our ideas - things of incredible value to all of us. They seek to strike our critical infrastructure and to harm our economy."

James Comey

Incident Response

Protect Yourself from breaches

With our years of experience guiding the modern enterprise, CWN combines modern technology and time-proven techniques to minimize response time to incidents and ensure that your team has the audit records necessary to identify active and passive threats.



Continuous Security Integration

Our team provides security for fast-paced software development teams without impacting the frequency of delivery. By integrating security in the CI/CD pipeline, we can ensure that you are automatically meeting and validating all security requirements.


Offerings:  Secure Continuous Integration, Compliance Enforcement


Identity Intelligence 

Protect Your Business Identity

Identification & Authorization is a core security capability of any modern technical enterprise. CWN Identity & Access Mangement team is specifically adept at deploying, securing, and federating user identities for implementation of large scale authentication & authorization functionality.


Security Assurance and Compliance

Ensure Your Business is Compliant

FISMA, FEDRAMP, HIPAA, PCI, and others are acronyms that have brought businesses to their knees. CWN software compliance team has a proven track record of working with government agencies to obtain system ATOs as well as with private sector entities to obtain industry accreditation. Let us guide your path to a painless Accreditation, Authorization, or Audit.


Data, App and Endpoint Security

Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

Businesses face the rapidly changing IT industry which constantly transform their solutions.  Data becomes an organizations most prized possession and ensuring that systems that store that data are protected becomes a costly and overwhelming task for any business. CWN understands the importance of your data and the need to be secure and drive cost down.  Our solution focus on making smart solutions which protect email systems, file stores, databases, Applications, and mobile end points.

Offerings:  File integrity monitoring, Application Vulnerability Management, Data Security Assessment, Email Security


Security Architecture 

Ensure Your Assets are Secure

We simplify the hosting process by hosting highly available environments that are fully recoverable in even the worst emergencies. Furthermore, our proven and auto-deployed infrastructure is inherently compliant with basic security policies and FISMA moderate security standards with appropriate integrations. We further offer custom infrastructure hosting capabilities compliant with PCI and HIPAA regulation.

Offerings:  Cloud-Based IaaS & PaaS


Red Team Assessments

Identify Your Weakness Before They Do

Obtain a clear picture of your security posture. Our team not only performs assessments of external and internal security boundaries, but we also perform policy & compliance reviews to help you understand if your systems are ready for an audit, or cyber attack. With this information, our team identifies exposed vulnerabilities but more importantly, we understand how those vulnerabilities were introduced and help your team to eliminate the root cause of any weaknesses.

Offerings:  Penetration Testing, Network Assessments & Vulnerability Lifecycle Implementation

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