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Enhance Your Capabilities

Development Expertise

At the core of all our solutions is the ideology that everything can be coded.  Our consultants specialize in development activities designed to save your business time and increase efficiency.  Our wide expertise with tools such as Chef, Anisble, Git, Jenkins, Jira, Kibana and Splunk empower us to create true integrations and means to deploy efficient solutions for your organization.  Our Development Services will scale with your needs and your organization.


"It's better to wait for a productive programmer to become available than it is to wait for the first available programmer to become productive."

Steve McConnell



Streamline Your Operations

DevOps is a discipline to our organization.  Our approach involves complete discipline in development activities which guarantee results delivered on-time and ready for your organization.  Our Agile approach:

  1. Define business out come / success criteria.

  2. Define living environment where solution will live.

  3. Decompose success criteria into working releases.

  4. Develop, Test and Deploy.

Offerings:  Cryptography, Full-Stack Development, Application Engineering


Immutable Applications

Focus On Your Development

As part of service capabilities we can assess your environment, provide a roadmap and modernize your applications into a standard redeployable application.  No need to worry about Operating System Updates, Vulnerabilities or Major/Minor upgrades.  Our immutable approach restricts the potential for configuration drift, reducing the IT infrastructure's vulnerability to attack and reducing your organizations IT cost for development. Uptime is improved in unexpected events are controlled.  We can redeploy your applications in minutes across the world.

automation (1).png

Automation Engineering

Make Your Operations Smarter

Our proven automation track will reduce the number of tasks that can improve your overall business delivery.  Our approach includes:

  1. ​360 Assessment:  Discover and review core business functions that customers perform day to day.

  2. Business process definition:  Understand the business flow required for the task and prototype.

  3. Validation:  Functional testings and customer sampling.

  4. Operationalization:  Provide standard Operating procedures and training for all functions.


API Development / Integrations

Secure Information Exchange

API Development has become the cornerstone for business to interchange data.  They have also become the most exposed end point in any organization.   While invisible to end users, APIs are essential for communication between programs and third party integrators.  Our organization ensures secure encrypted API solutions.  Our approach involves significant testing in areas such as:

  • Authentication: reliably identify end user

  • Authorization: give identified user access to correct resources/data 

  • Encryption: hide information from unauthorized access

  • Signatures: ensure information integrity

  • Vulnerabilities: preventing attacks and damage to consumers or providers

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