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What is eFAST

eFAST is the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) preferred acquisition vehicle for small business solutions, and FAA’s preferred vehicle for fulfilling agency small business contracting goals.

eFAST consists of multiple year, multiple award Master Ordering Agreements (which function as Blanket Purchase Agreements) with small businesses in various socio-economic groupings. The period of performance for the eFAST Master Ordering Agreements is a base period of five years, with two one-year options. eFAST provides for multiple contract types, including firm fixed price, cost reimbursement, time and materials, and labor hours. There are a total of eight functional areas covering a broad range of professional, technical and support services and solutions for the FAA and, on a limited basis, other government agencies.

For additional information on the eFAST vehicle, including the ordering process, guidelines, and points of contact, please go to FAA eFAST Web Page.

Contact Information

Contract Number:  DTFAWA-16-R-00005

Program Manager Information

Ahmed M Abbas

800.557.4381 ext 502

Carnwennan (CWN) is an eFAST Master Ordering Agreement holder in Two Functional Areas:

Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD)

NACIS:  541430, 541511, 541512

Computer system development including Information Analysis/Business Intelligence, Database Analysis/ Design/Development, Computer Program Analysis/Design/Development, Computer System Analysis/Design/Development, Web Site Analysis/Design/Development, Graphic Design, Computer System Server Analysis/Design/Test, Developing Training Materials, Training, Information Assurance Analysis/Test, Enterprise Architecture, Information

Computer Systems Support (CSS)

541430, 541511, 541512

Computer system support including Technology Systems Architecture, Network Analysis/Design/Test, Computer System Quality Assurance, Software Engineering, Graphic Design

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